• UchihaClan BK Duel Event


  • ✅Must Be 400 Level
    ✅et & Weapon (NPC)(NPC + Only)
    ✅1st wing Satan +0+L No Opt
    ✅(Macro)Potion only
    ✅1 inventory only
    ✅Jewel of life upgrade
    ✅Freebies IGB allowed
    ✅Normal Satan/Angel Only
  • ❌No Crywolf/barracks quest(All quest sa barracks)
    ❌No accessories /earring
    ❌No Penta
    ❌No Ingame buff
    ❌No mount
    ❌No fruit
    ❌SD Potion
    ❌Cherry buff
    ❌No muun pet
    ❌No upgrade skills

  • ⛔️ Note: We will check each account before going to the duel room and take a screenshot.

    Champion price: 1500bless